Flea Outbreak Shuts Down School

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Students in one Martin County high school were sent home early on the first day back to school -- because of a flea outbreak.

On Monday students at Jamesville High School went home at noon after fleas were found in parts of the school, biting students and teachers.

Martin County superintendent Dr. Tom Daly says he thought he'd seen everything in his 33 years in education.

Jamesville High has about 275 students in grades 7 through 12.

The problem began Thursday when fleas were found in one classroom. The next day they spread to several rooms and an exterminator was called in and treated the rooms.

The school thought the problem would be solved by the time students reported Monday morning.

But Dr. Daly says several students and teachers were bitten and parts of the school were evacuated to the nearby elementary school at 10 am. By noon the decision was made to close the school altogether.

Today school is back in session with the infested areas closed off. Students in the 7th and 8th grades have moved to the elementary school, while those in the high school are being taught in other areas of the high school.

Dr. Daly hopes Friday's treatment will soon kill all the fleas and the school can return to normal.

About half of the students at Jamesville High School had to be moved because of the flea problem.