Pitt County "Jailbird"

Innocent until proven guilty is what the justice system proclaims. But if you're charged with a crime, the court of public opinion may look at you differently, especially if your face ends up in a new newspaper in the east.

People may never have seen a newspaper, quite like it. It contains pictures of all the people in the county arrested in the past week. Now for just one dollar, you can find out who in your community has been booked in the county jail.

Candid shots from the Pitt County Detention Center are compiled each week, into a newspaper called The Jailbird.

Managing editor, Brittaney Rosencrance delivers them every Wednesday to 55 different convenience stores in the county.

Three months ago, Rosencrance was hired to create the "mug mag."

For one dollar anyone one can peruse the pages and pages of local faces now facing charges.

Rosencrance said, "We get our information from courthouse from the sheriff's office it's all public record if anyone really wanted to know all they have to do is go to the courthouse and look it up."

Tonya Leggett with the Pitt County Sheriff's Office says it's helped them find people who have been wanted for months and says the success of the paper is making it easier for them to make an arrest.