Nude Photos At Art Exhibit Make Phones Ring

Stewart Gerard is finding it hard to keep all of his 24-photo exhibit on display in Winston-Salem. It's not that buyers have flocked to the Downtown Arts District Association's Community Center.

Two pictures that are drawing attention -- one of them showing two nude women and another showing two nude men shot from the front in an art studio.

The pictures came down after the building's owner received a call from an adult who objected to having children see the art. Gerard put his work back up after he found it in a closet, but he's come back to find the photos in the closet six or seven times.

The former interim director of the center says she put up a sign warning patrons of potentially controversial subject matter. When windows were cleaned, all of the posters and notices were taken down without her realizing it. She said she's not in favor of establishing new guidelines for the center, or prohibiting any specific subject matter.