Wife And Son Of Missing Man Charged With Murder

Murder charges have been filed against a woman and her son in the death of her husband, whose body was dug up on the couple's North Carolina property.

Police in Alamogordo, New Mexico, say Melba June Slaydon and Robert Mark Gibbs are charged Friday in warrants issued out of Randolph County. Slaydon and Gibbs are being held without bond in a New Mexico jail.

Officials in Asheboro, North Carolina obtained a search warrant for the home and 27-acre property of Slaydon and her husband, Robert Slaydon, after she and her son were tracked down in Alamogordo.

Fresh digging marks were discovered on the land, and authorities uncovered a box containing a man's body Thursday. An autopsy confirmed Friday that the body was that of Robert Slaydon.

Alamogordo police detective Sergeant Lee Wilder said the man had been slain, but he would not elaborate.