No Changes So Far For State Budget

For now, the tentative 20 billion dollar state budget deal is the same as it was when House and Senate negotiators agreed to it Wednesday.

Democratic leaders were able to deflect complaints for now from
some colleagues and real estate agents that the deal allows
counties to raise land transfer taxes.

House Democrats, who got most of what they wanted on tax issues,
are confident that more than 61 of their members would vote for the
final plan. In return, senators get the top income tax rate
lowered, a long-term solution to Medicaid and a dedicated cancer
research fund.

House Speaker John Hackney calls it a fair compromise. But some senators remain unhappy with a provision that would let
counties, with local voter approval, collect an additional
four-tenths of a percentage point on the value of land and home
sales. Senate Democrats rejected a nearly identical tax deal late
last month largely due to the transfer tax.