Presidential Elector System Change In NC Nearing Passage

North Carolina is one step closer to eliminating its winner-take-all system for presidential electoral votes.

A House election law committee today approved a measure along
party lines that would create a more proportional method in distributing the state's 15 electoral votes.

A presidential ticket would earn one elector for winning the majority of the vote in one of the state's congressional districts, while two additional at-large electors would be chosen based on the statewide vote total.

The bill already has passed the Senate and now goes to the House
floor. Governor Easley, a Democrat, would be asked to sign the bill
into law.
The Republican presidential candidate has carried the popular vote every election since 1980.

Democrats support the change because they say it would encourage
presidential nominees to campaign in North Carolina. Because its
electoral votes would be in play, G-O-P speakers argue it would
actually make the state less relevant during the campaign.