Greene County Adopts More Restrictive Dress Code

Greene County's school board has adopted a new, more restictive dress code for students in an attempt to make schools a safer place to learn and teach.

The new regulations start August 27th, the first day of classes for Greene County students.

Here is the new dress code:

Greene County Schools
Student Code of Conduct

No student’s appearance or clothing will be accepted if it is deemed disruptive, provocative, indecent, vulgar, or obscene, or if it endangers the health or safety of the student or others.

All uniforms or special event dress must be approved by the principal.

Clothing must be age appropriate and not disruptive to the teaching-learning process and cannot be provocative, revealing, indecent, vulgar or obscene.

1. Pants, Skirts, Capri Length Pants, Shorts, Skorts, Jumpers or Dresses

a. No pants or shorts with pockets halfway down the legs.

b. Skirts and dresses must be no higher than 3 inches above the top of the knee. Skirts and dresses with slits must not open higher than 3 inches above the knee.

c. Shorts may be no higher than the tip of the student's middle finger when arms are extended straight down.

d. Clothing must be appropriately sized. No baggy or sagging pants or shorts are allowed. Pants must not be worn with the waistband below the hipbone.

e. For students Grades 3 and above, if pants or shorts have belt loops and are designed for belts, then a belt must be worn. All belts must be buckled. Belt buckles may not be oversized.

2. Shirts

a. Shirts and blouses may not be tank tops or have spaghetti straps. Sleeveless tops are permitted.

b. Shirts must be appropriately sized. For students in grade 3 and above, shirts must be tucked in unless the shirt is designed for outside wear and is no longer than 3 inches below the natural waist.

c. Shirts shall be long enough to cover the midriff when sitting or standing. Furthermore, shirts must cover the chest and back so the chest and the back of the body are not inappropriately exposed.

3. Coats

a. Coats may not be worn inside the school building during the school day.

b. Coats may be worn during a class change if the student is exiting the building.

c. Coats may be worn to school and placed in the student’s locker. If a locker is not available, it may be hung in the classroom or another location designated by the principal and/or the principal’s designee.

d. Blazers, sport coats, lightweight jackets or other outerwear that can be considered part of an outfit may be allowed.

e. The principal and/or the principal’s designee may make an exception if the building/classroom is unusually cold.

4. Shoes

a. Appropriate shoes shall be worn at all times, and, as needed, shoes shall conform to special requirements (such as P.E. classes, ROTC, science labs, etc.).

b. Shoes that have laces shall be laced and tied.

c. No bedroom shoes shall be allowed.

d. No shoes that contain rollers or wheels shall be allowed.

5. Other Clothing Items or Accessories

a. Students may not wear large pendants or medallions.

b. No adornment is allowed that reasonably could be perceived as, or used as, a weapon shall be allowed (such as chains, spikes, etc.).

c. No gang-related clothing, accessories, symbols or intimidating manner of dress, as identified by local law enforcement agencies, are allowed.

d. No bandanas shall be allowed.

e. Only school activity buttons, approved by the principal are permitted to be worn.

f. Undergarments are not to be visible.

g. Clothing is not to be sheer or mesh and cannot have excessive holes.

h. Clothing must be worn appropriately (nothing inside-out or backward, no extreme rolled-up pant legs or unfastened bib overalls, belts must be buckled and worn at the waistline, etc.)

i. Clothing will not be allowed that is intentionally shredded or torn.

j. No type of head covering such as hats, sweatbands, or sunglasses will be worn inside the school buildings.

k. Tight clothing such as knit or spandex bicycle/biker pants or overly tight pants are not allowed.

l. Clothing will not be allowed which promotes alcoholic beverages, tobacco or the use of controlled substances; depicts violence; or is of a sexual or disruptive nature.

m. There shall be no jewelry affixed to a student's nose, tongue, lips, cheek or eyebrow.