Rabies Exposure Possible At South Carolina Softball Tournament

Public health officials in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia are investigating the potential exposure of a rabid kitten to players at a softball tournament.

The incident may have occurred July 14th at the South Atlantic Summer Showdown Tournament on in Spartanburg County, South Carolina.

A gray kitten found in a trash bin at the Boiling Springs Recreational Facility was taken in a box later that day to games at the North Spartanburg Recreational Facility.

The cat was then taken to Buncombe County, North Carolina, and was put down the next day after it became sick. The cat tested positive for rabies.

Officials say only people who were at those two South Carolina facilities were potentially exposed to the disease, which is transmitted through bites or saliva.

South Carolina health officials want to find the person who dumped the cat and anyone who may have been exposed to rabies. They're asked to call 864-282-4144.