5 Month Old Mississippi Girl Kidnapped By Biological Mother, Found In NC

Authorities alleged Sunday that two women and an armed man stormed a home wearing masks and kidnapped an infant one of the women had given up for adoption.

The baby was found unharmed at Fort Bragg. Special Agent Jason Pack, an F-B-I spokesman in Jackson, says investigators found the five-month-old girl early Sunday at the Army post.

He says authorities planned to file state kidnapping charges against her biological mother, Jamie Kiefer, and related charges against the child's biological aunt, Rikki Swann. Pack says the kidnapping was related to the baby's adoption and Kiefer had changed her mind about the adoption.

Authorities were seeking a man who had a gun during the invasion and a third woman who raided the northern Mississippi home.

Pack says Swann did NOT directly take part in the kidnapping.