Gritty Cop Show Drama Finds Tech-Savvy Fans Through Downloads

The newest cop drama only films on weekends because the actors are busy with their regular jobs. Not even the people who created the show are making a living wage.

But it's not a big deal with the makers of "Port City, P.D." The show focuses on two former hotshot investigators now assigned to seemingly dead-end cases. It's one of the top 20 downloaded

The drama is filmed in North Carolina. It's the brainchild of friends Charles Stewart Jr. and Shaun O'Rourke, who met at Riverside High School in Durham in the early 1990s. The pilot episode cost 500 dollars, but the show now has a three-thousand-dollar-per-episode budget courtesy of Adam Curry, founder of Podshow.

O'Rourke and Stewart estimate their salaries from "Port City, P.D." in the low hundreds, but Curry predicts that will change as Podshow's marketing takes over.