Pool Patrol

Keith Jernigan is the environmental health supervisor for the Craven County Health Department. He's in charge of making sure every pool in Craven County is up to standards chemically and physically. Each year, inspectors complete a checklist making sure every standard is met before any child steps foot in a public pool. Jernigan says, "Any disease that might be gastrointestinal in nature that one might expell though the body through vomit or diahrrea that could enter a pool, it is possible for another person to injest that water and have the bacteria grow inside their body." We stopped by the Craven County YMCA to test the pool water there. Everything checked out perfect. That's good news according to Jernigan, "if you have a pool that does not have good water quality, it very well may be if you have an ill person in that pool to contaminate the water that other folks that swim in the pool may be in danger."