New Concern Over Camp Lejeune Water

Marine officials are raising the possibility that the contaminants found in the drinking water at Camp Lejeune may pose a new threat.

They say the new danger is in the form of vapors that can be
inhaled. The base is testing to see if vapors are seeping through
soil into homes and buildings from a groundwater plume.

The latest developments comes on the day that North Carolina
Senator Elizabeth Dole called on military officials to directly
inform thousands of Marine families and workers that they drank and
washed in toxin-contaminated water.

Dole wants to force the secretary of the Navy to locate and
notify Marines and civilians who were exposed to the water up until
the mid-1980s when the base shut down contaminated wells.

Officials say the drinking water has been safe for many years. A
base spokesman says previous monitoring from the Environmental
Protection Agency showed the underground plume wasn't near any of
the buildings or residential areas.