DMV Captain Improprely Fired, Appellate Court Rules

The Court of Appeals says the Division of Motor Vehicles improperly fired a captain in 2002 after he broke an agency rule limiting bribes and gifts.

The judges say Gary Ramsey did not intentionally break agency orders when he solicited money and prizes from auto dealers to help cover the costs of two D-M-V meetings in 1998 and 1999. They say Ramsey was only following what he saw as common practice at the D-M-V.

Ramsey was the top D-M-V officer at the agency's Asheville-based
western district. He raised 35-hundred dollars for a meeting of enforcement captains in 1998. He raised nearly three-thousand
dollars for a similar meeting the following year.

A Buncombe County Superior Court judge last year ordered the
agency to reinstate Ramsey and that he get back pay and benefits.