Edwards Seeks Help From Iran, Syria In Stabilizing Iraq

Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards says the United States needs help from Syria and Iran to help stabilize Iraq.He also calls the Iraqi prime minister a weak leader.

Edwards made those comments today while campaigning in Iowa. If he were president, Edwards says he'd immediately reduce the number of U-S troops in Iraq by about 50-thousand.

Iraq's prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, says his country's army and police are capable of keeping security and that American troops can leave "any time they want."

Edwards, a former North Carolina senator, told reporters that the U-S "should be making our own evaluation about the circumstances in Iraq." Edwards says al-Maliki has not proved effective in stopping violence.

Also today, Edwards joined Democratic rivals Joe Biden and Barack Obama at a workshop in Peosta, Iowa. He told the hundreds of Democrats there that he thinks everyone in the United States should take part in volunteer work.