Sensitive Military Documents Left Unprotected Online

Things like detailed schematics of a military detainee holding facility in southern Iraq and plans for a new fuel farm at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan are supposed to be secret.

Instead, an Associated Press survey of several servers run by government agencies and contractors found dozens of documents that officials deemed sensitive to troop security. The documents were found on open F-T-P sites used to store files.

The military calls it ``need-to-know'' information that would pose a direct threat to U-S troops if it were to fall into the hands of terrorists. It's also information that's been available to anyone with an Internet connection.

Some of the documents were aerial photographs and detailed schematics of Camp Bucca, a U-S-run detainee facility in Iraq. The documents showed where U-S. forces keep prisoners, fuel tanks, security fences, guard towers and other security measures.