Former Sheriff Who Went To Prison Now Running For Sheriff Again

A former sheriff who served time for embezzlement is once again running for the sheriff’s seat.

The Washington County Board of Elections confirmed Stanley James has filed to run for sheriff.

James is a convicted felon who served about two months in prison, according to the NC Department of Corrections.

James, who had been sheriff in Washington County starting in 1998, was indicted in 2004. He was convicted in 2006 and served time from September 2007 to November 2007.

North Carolina is one of a dozen or so states where a convicted felon can run for office after his or her civil rights are restored. Elections officials say James registered to vote in October 2009 after his voting rights were restored.

Officials do say convicted felons are not permitted to carry firearms in North Carolina.

Elections officials say James has filed to run as a democrat, and that the only other competitor currently in the race is the incumbent sheriff, James Ross. He is also a democrat, so a primary race would be needed.

We are working to contact Stanley James.