New Bill Might Make Buying a Car Difficult

Car dealerships are everywhere in Jacksonville in Onslow County, over forty of them to be exact. But a new law signed by Governor Easley on July 4th says anyone buying a new car in our state must now have a valid North Carolina drivers license or ID card. The reason the law went into effect is because the department of motor vehicles noticed people were buying cars in North Carolina, and registering them here but taking them out of state for good. Cliff Wrenchen general sales manager at Sanders Ford in Jacksonville says sixty five percent of his clientele are military, men and women that shouldn't have to hassle with this new law. Officials say one reason for the law is to keep out of state residents from cashing in on North Carolina's lower insurance rates. It turns out some people, many of them from northern states, come here to North Carolina to buy, register and insure a car. Then they take those vehicles back to their home states, where costs for repairs and accidents are more expensive. That puts a burden on North Carolina insurance, and could mean an additional expense down the line for all consumers. Previously anyone could purchase a car in our state with just a social security number and proof of insurance, and show any address.