Lawsuit Filed Against Pitt County Sheriff's Office

A lawsuit filed in U-S District court alleges wrongful death and a law enforcement cover-up against several officials with the Pitt County Sheriff's office, including the Sheriff himself.

Barbara Pollard, the mother of the late Stacey Pollard, is seeking monetary damages from the Pitt County Sheriff's office because she is dissatisfied with how her son's death was investigated. Pollard's son was married to Pitt County Sheriff's Deputy Michelle Pollard when he turned up dead in a swimming pool at their Grimesland home last November. The lawsuit alleges that Michelle Pollard's relationships with supervisors at the Pitt County Sheriff's office hindered a quote "timely and thorough investigation."

Sheriff Mac Manning could not be reached for comment, but in a letter that accompanied the lawsuit, in which he wrote in response to one by the plaintiff, he makes his position on the issue very clear.

"Having done everything within my power to bring peace and comfort to Stacey's family, makes the accusatory and derogatory tone of your letter very apparently do not know that the SBI investigation was initiated at my request...the initial investigation conducted by this office revealed no evidence or circumstance that would indicate that Stacey's untimely death was anything other than accidental. Having known Stacey and Michelle for many years made your allegations the more disturbing to me personally. Nevertheless, I remain confident that the investigative effort put forth by members of this office exceeded professional and ethical standards of law enforcement practice and criminal inquiry. The SBI report serves to confirm our findings."