Goldsboro Man Seeks Pardon

More than five years after new evidence helped free Terence Garner from prison, he's still pressing for a pardon.

The 26-year-old Garner was a 17-year-old high schooler when he
was charged with an armed robbery and shooting at a Johnston County business. He was convicted and faced 43 years in prison.

New evidence led a judge to overturn Garner's conviction in 2002
and prosecutors dropped the charges.

Former Johnston County district attorney Tom Lock says he doesn't think Garner committed the crime.

The victim of the 1997 shooting, Alice Wise, still insists Garner shot her.

Governor Mike Easley has granted only four pardons since 2001 and has turned down 321 requests.

A pardon would come with a 100-thousand-dollar check to compensate Garner for five years in prison.