79-Year-Old Former Army Sharpshooter Surprises Would-Be Burglar

A 23-year-old man picked the wrong elderly couple to rob in Hickory.

Seventy-nine-year-old Dwight Cook was watching T-V when he heard an unexpected knock at his front door. No one was there.

Minutes later Cook heard the sliding glass doors break and he sent his wife to the neighbors and grabbed his gun.

The former Army sharpshooter fired a .22 caliber gun into the ceiling as a warning. Police say the bullet ricocheted and part of it hit the intruder in the head.

Cook says he wasn't aiming for the intruder, but if the suspect had moved his next shot would have stopped him. Cook held the man at gunpoint until police arrived.

Derek Scott Frenceschini of Hickory was arrested and hospitalized for a bullet fragment in his skull and a fractured hand he hurt in the break-in.