Garner Police Show Off Recruiting Video Created By High School

It's a recruiting video created by high school students to attract their peers to the Garner Police Department.

The 30-second video spot features a pounding electric guitar spliced over footage of officers in SWAT gear, a revving police chase and lots of guns. The Garner Police Department hopes to use the video to attract high school and college graduates.

Dawson Harris, a senior at Enloe High School and one of five students who created the video, says young people like to see SWAT-team action. The high schoolers worked for seven months in a video production class to produce a commercial that appeals to people in their early 20s.

Not that Garner is struggling with a crime problem. The suburb of Raleigh is enjoying its lowest violent crime rate since 2000 and hasn't had a homicide since 2005.

Garner Police Chief Thomas Moss says young students are the best producers of videos for people their age.