Police Say Greenville Target Case Solved

Greenville police say they have arrested a man for trying to run down a police officer outside the Evans Street Target store.

44-year old Linwood Murchison was caught late Tuesday afternoon on
charges of assault on a government official with a deadly weapon and two counts of breaking, entering & larceny of a motor vehicle.

An off-duty police officer says he spotted Murchison taking stereo equipment out of an SUV in the Target parking lot Monday morning. The officer called for help.

When a uniformed officer arrived and tried to approach Murchison, authorities say he tried to run Officer Alvaro Elias over with his car.

Police say Elias fired at least one shot, shattering the car's rear window.

Officers say a short time later the suspect was in an accident with a tractor trailer outside of Wilson and kept going.

The Nash County Sheriff's Office spotted the car several hours later abandoned near Bailey.