Lejeune Unit Back Home After Deployment

More than two thousand Marines are returning to Camp Lejeune from a six-month deployment aboard ships to the Horn of Africa and Middle East.

The first wave of Marines arrivedover the weekend from the 26th marine Expeditionary Unit, a self-contained group of combat troops,
supply experts and aviators. The last of the troops will arrive

During a stop in Kenya, the Marines helped build a school and ran a two-day medical clinic to immunize local residents and treat those suffering from dysentery and malaria.

The unit also included special operations troops who are being investigated for their involvement in a shooting in Afghanistan that left 12 dead. The company commander, senior sergeant and six members of a special operations company were sent back to Lejeune in April after the March 4 shooting incident.

In March, a helicopter from the unit crashed in Kenya, and two people on board had minor injuries.