Gassing Up In North Carolina Could Cost You

Triple-A released estimates earlier this week that 34-point-seven-million vacationers will hit the road at some point during the week of July 4Th.

These record breaking prediction comes on the heels of a 23-cent drop in gas prices. The National Average for a price of regular unleaded gasoline is two-99 a gallon. So as you hit the road and possibly head out of state are you better off gassing up in North Carolina or across the border?

The state average for a gallon of regular unleaded is two-89. Virginia is at two-83. And it'll cost you two-77 in South Carolina: A difference of 12-cents.

One of the reasons for the higher prices? The gas tax. It costs 26-cents-per-gallon of unleaded in North Carolina. Virginia taxes are at 17-and-a-half-cents and 16-cents a gallon in the Palmetto State.