Governor Urges Conservation During Drought

For the first time this year, all 100 North Carolina counties are experiencing either abnormally dry or drought conditions.

Those in our area under drought conditions include: Onslow, Jones, Lenoir, Duplin, Wayne, & Wilson Counties.

Governor Mike Easley is now urging residents to voluntarily conserve water as much as possible.

“Despite recent scattered thunderstorms, the drought is expanding into the southern coastal plains, the Triad and the Triangle,” said Easley. “The northeastern parts of the state are also now abnormally dry and until we receive enough rainfall to replenish the groundwater supplies, all North Carolinians need to do everything they can to conserve water.”

The governor recommends the following simple steps that all North Carolinians can use to conserve water during the dry conditions:

· Take shorter showers.

· Add compost and other organic material to your soil to improve its water-holding capacity.

· Keep a pitcher of cold water in the fridge, instead of running tap water until it is cool.

· Use a bucket to water your plants, not a hose.

· Water lawns and gardens early in the morning or late in the evening, not in the heat of midday to prevent evaporation.