German Journalists Embedded With N.C. Unit Report Prisoner Abuse

Prisoner abuse is alleged in Afghanistan by journalists embedded with a North Carolina-based unit.

The weekly German news magazine Focus says two of its journalists embedded with troops from the North Carolina-based 82nd Airborne Division witnessed Afghan and American soldiers involved in abusing
prisoners earlier this month.

Focus reports that during the search of a village for Taliban fighters, a patrol reportedly led by an Afghan army "platoon leader" apprehended a suspect in a house.

The report says when the suspect refused to talk, the platoon leader tied one end of a rope to the suspects foot and the other end to a vehicle and had an American soldier start the motor.

The leader threatened to drag the man unless he told the truth. The man
was not dragged and was set free after a few minutes.

A U-S military spokesman in Afghanistan said the magazine report was the first he had heard of the allegations and -wouldn't- comment until he can look into it.