Nifong's Past Casework Could Get A 2nd Look

Mike Nifong's career as a prosecutor in Durham County is in shambles.

Now, some wonder if his misdeeds in the Duke lacrosse case will give defense attorneys an easy path to overturn his nearly three decades of work in the Durham County district attorney's office.

Steve Cron is a defense lawyer from Santa Monica, California, who's practiced for 33 years. He -doesn't- believe Nifong's prosecutorial misconduct in the lacrosse case will result in automatic reversals or appeals.

But Cron calls Nifong's behavior in his final case in Durham -quote- "so outrageous and so beyond what's required of an ethical prosecutor that everyone's going to start going back and looking."

Nifong handed in his resignation last week after a disciplinary committee of the North Carolina State Bar determined he should be stripped of his law license.