DEPUTIES: School Bus Buried Underground To Grow Marijuana

LENOIR COUNTY, NC -- Lawmen say a school bus was buried underground and used to grow marijuana in Lenoir County.

"To actually dig a hole and place a school bus inside of it and cover it up with dirt and have a tunnel to it to cover up, that whole operation is at the very least unique," said Chris Hill, Lenoir County Sheriff's Major.

Even more unbelievable? Officials say a garage was then built over the bus.

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Major Hill says the discovery was made Wednesday after Jerome Murriell was nabbed with a few pounds of pot in his car.

Hill tells WITN the arrest led a narcotics team to search the home of Linsey and Desiz Dail on Highway 58 south outside of Kinston.

"The canines were brought in," said Hill, "And as a result of the dogs being brought in they located a hidden panel, or door, or wall in an out building."

Lawmen then checked out a three-by-three foot hole behind a wall, which they say led to the buried bus.

Video shows bags of potting soil inside the hole, which authorities say helped 60 mature marijuana plants grow inside the bus.

So the big question. How exactly does a 14-ton, 40-foot bus get buried?

Officials say the suspects used three different backhoes, which lawmen confiscated Wednesday.

Neighbors were shocked at the bus discovery.

"I don't think I've ever heard of them having a grow house, or a grow bus in this case, ya know, underground going through with this," said a neighbor. "And for this area, it really surprises me."

All three suspects are being held at the Lenoir County jail charged with conspiracy to traffic marijuana, possession with intent to sell marijuana, and manufacturing marijuana.