Temporary Tattoos Could Cause Allergic Reactions

A health warning about those temporary tattoos you can get at the beach. The Carteret County Health Department says there could be possible adverse reactions from the application of “Black Henna Tattoos.”

The tattoos may contain a chemical called paraphenylenediamine or PPD for short. The health department says the chemical has caused severe skin irritation, blistering and permanent scarring in sensitive people.

Experts say If you suffer from allergies, are allergic to commercial hair dyes, or if you know or suspect that are allergic to PPD, you may be at risk.

The health department says it's found eight businesses at the beach that are applying black henna tattoos. Some of them do still use a product containing PPD, but all of them have agreed to post the consumer advisory. Also, local tattoo parlors and body-piercing businesses have agreed to inform their customers.

So far the Carteret County Health Department has received one consumer complaint, while four children in Pender County required medical treatment.

For more information about Black Henna Tattoos or PPD or to report an adverse reaction to a henna tattoo, call the Carteret County Health Department at 252-728-8499.

Seek immediate medical assistance if you are experiencing symptoms of a reaction which include redness, swelling, itching, blistering or scarring of the skin. Adverse reactions can also be reported to the Food and Drug Administration Office of Cosmetics and Colors at 1-404-253-1161.