Nifong Disbarred, Panel Says He Violated Ethics

The ethics panel ruled Saturday in the Mike Nifong ethics trial in Raleigh.

Nifong, the Durham district attorney, has been found guilty of ethics breaches.

The prosecutor in the Duke University lacrosse rape case was also disbarred Saturday.

The North Carolina State Bar had charged Nifong with breaking several rules governing professional conduct in handling the Duke lacrosse rape case.

Nifong took the stand in his own defense yesterday, and fought back tears as he told the courtroom he had made mistakes.

He apologized to the players now cleared and says he takes responsibility for the errors.

Nifong's sudden announcement that he'll resign stunned his staff in Durham and his own attorneys.

But an attorney for one of the lacrosse players says the apology is too little and comes too late.

Civil penalties could face Nifong as well. Stay tuned to for more on this developing story, as well as on WITN-7 News.