Day Three In Nifong Ethics Hearing

Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong spent last summer insisting he had turned over all his evidence in the Duke lacrosse rape case.

That's according to a defense lawyer for one of the three
lacrosse players who was charged.

The lawyer, Brad Bannon, says Nifong then unloaded thousands of
pages of raw D-N-A test data on defense attorneys last October.
Bannon's statements came during Nifong's ethics trial, which is
now in its third day.

Bannon says defense attorneys studied the data and found that
genetic material from several males had been found on the accuser.

The North Carolina State Bar has charged Nifong with breaking
several rules of professional conduct when investigating the
high-profile case. The charges include that he kept those D-N-A
results from the defense. If convicted by a disciplinary committee,
Nifong could be stripped of his license to practice law in the