800 Civilians Furloughed At Camp Lejeune

Tuesday morning 800 civilian employees went to Camp Lejeune to sign furlough paperwork that means they'll be out of work until the government shutdown is over.

That means places like the commissary will be closing.

Retired Marine Sylvia Grinage said, "People in the commissary, they're going to be losing their jobs. They're going to be losing their wages. Even if it's for a short period of time, that's money out of their pocket, money to pay the bills, childcare, schools."

The commissary is one of several places on Camp Lejeune impacted by the government shutdown.

Base public information officer Nat Fahy says, "It's going to mean a financial impact for civilian workers. We understand that and our job here right now is to communicate what we know when we know it and help through that orderly transition."

In addition to the Commissary, Fahy says starting Wednesday, libraries, hobby shops and marinas will close, but essentials that keep Camp Lejeune operational will stay open.

Fahy says, "Those who were exempt are those who are responsible for protection of life, safety and emergency services and running our utilities. The basic essentials that are required for a base to run. Also, the training of our Marines still carries on."

Base schools, medical services and training facilities will remain open for our Marines.