Durham Police Officer Says Nifong Pressed Duke Lacrosse Case

Testimony resumed in Raleigh today in the ethics hearing for prosecutor Mike Nifong, who pressed a rape case against Duke University lacrosse players.

Nifong's attorney, Dudley Witt, is cross-examining a Durham police officer. Benjamin Himan testified yesterday he questioned Nifong's plan to seek indictments because of the lack of evidence.

\The North Carolina State Bar has charged Nifong with violating the state's rules of professional conduct.

Rape charges against three players were dropped by the North Carolina attorney general, who said they were innocent victims of
Nifong's rush to accuse them.

A stripper had said she was raped and beaten by the team at a party last year.

Nifong could lose his law license if he's convicted by the disciplinary committee.