Measure Seeks To Get Remains Of Duplin County Marine Returned

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The North Carolina House has passed a resolution asking the Department of Defense to work to get the remains of a Marine killed in 1975 returned to Duplin County.

Lance Corporal Joseph Nelson Hargrove was captured by Khmer
Rouge forces on the Koh Tang Island in Cambodia and executed in the
days after he participated in an assault to free crew members of
the ship Mayaguez.

Hargrove's gravesite was positively identified on the island in

Representative Russell Tucker, a Duplin County Democrat
sponsoring the bill, urged his colleagues to back the resolution so
Hargrove's "remains can rest his peace in his native soil."

The measure would be sent to the Defense Secretary Robert Gates
if next approved by the Senate. Hargrove's widow was in the House
gallery during the debate.