Police Testify Nifong Knew There Were Problems With The Case

As Mike Nifong was calling the Duke lacrosse team a "bunch of hooligans" in public, a police investigator says the veteran prosecutor was also acknowledging privately that the accuser's story was filled with inconsistencies. But police investigator Benjamin Himan says the Durham County district attorney insisted on pressing ahead.

Himan testified Tuesday during the first day of Nifong's ethics
trial. Himan says he especially had concerns about going for an
indictment against lacrosse player Reade Seligmann. He says there
was no D-N-A evidence and investigators didn't even know where
Seligmann was at the time.

The North Carolina State Bar has charged Nifong with several
violations of the state's rules of professional conduct, all tied
to his handling of the Duke lacrosse case.

If convicted by the disciplinary commission hearing the case, he
could be stripped of his license to practice law in the state.