Update- Ethics Trial For Prosecutor In Duke Lacrosse Case Begins Tuesday

A trial will finally begin today in what used to be known as the Duke lacrosse rape case.But it's the prosecutor who drove the investigation -- and not the three players he accused of sexual assault -- who will be the defendant.

The North Carolina State Bar has charged Mike Nifong, the district attorney in Durham County, with several violations of the state's rules of professional conduct. All are tied to his handling of the lacrosse case.

If convicted, the veteran prosecutor who has worked in Durham for his entire career could be disbarred.

Nifong is expected to testify at the trial. Among those expected to watch from the gallery of the courtroom are Reade Seligmann and Collin Finnerty, two of the once-charged and now cleared players.
Several of the defense attorneys and family members of the three players are also expected to attend.