An Eerie Business Venture Coming To Havelock

Three young men who are new to the area, are planning to open a haunted house in the very same building where a gruesome double murder occured a decade ago.

On November 18, 1997 19-year old, James Smith, and 37 year old, John Mattmiller, were bound, gagged and beaten to death with golf clubs while working at Friendly Pawn In Havelock. Dorothy Smith-Houde, one of the victim's mothers says, while it's hard to believe anyone would want to do this, she's okay with the haunted house idea as long as her son's death isn't exploited. Smith-Houde believes her son's murderer will visit the haunted house and could be frightened enough to confess.

The three men behind the haunted house project say they have no plans to exploit the double murder or the victims.