Judge Boyle To Sentence Jim Black

U-S District Judge Terrence Boyle will preside at the sentencing of former state House Speaker Jim Black. He's replacing a judge who removed himself from the case.

Black pleaded guilty in February to accepting thousands of
dollars in cash from chiropractors while promoting their industry's
agenda. He's facing up to ten years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

U-S District Judge James Dever the Third said this week he would
step aside after Black's attorney asked that he be removed. The
attorney cited Dever's involvement as a private attorney
representing a group of Republicans who sued Black and others over
legislative redistricting. He argued that a reasonable person would
question Dever's ability to act without bias given his involvement
in that case.

Dever rejected the argument, but said Black's case was unique
and that assigning the case to another judge was in the public's
best interest.