Greenville Embracing 'Pirate' Tradition With 6-foot Statues

It won't be hard to find a pirate around Greenville next spring. The Chamber of Commerce and the East Carolina Alumni Association are promoting a project to place painted six-foot statues of the University's mascot throughout the city.

Chamber President Susanne Sartelle says the city will allow advertising on the statues. A hollow prototype weighs 60 pounds and has a removable sword that can be replaced with an ad.

Design proposals are due next week, with selections to be made in July. Sponsors will select a submitted design or commission an
artist to design one.

Officials say the statues should be on the streets starting at a festival in April. Sponsorships range up to 75-hundred dollars. The statues would be displayed up to a year around the city, and then be auctioned.