Man Protests Web Cam On Tranquil Oriental, NC Harbor

You can see what goes on in Oriental if you're on the Web, but one man considers that an invastion of privacy.

Two cameras stream pictures of the docks and a waterfront park. Former newspaper editor Tony Tharp says people can go to the most
tranquil place in town and, in his words, "you're forced to be on their crass reality T-V show."

Tharp wants the town board to post signs telling visitors the cameras are watching. He's organized a protest march for Saturday, complete with a soapbox for speeches. It can be seen on the Web cameras.

The cameras' keepers respect Tharp's right to protest but believe he is misguided. Keith Smith says the site is popular in and outside Oriental, which is about 115 miles east of Raleigh. He says when a camera was damaged three years ago, donations for a new one came in from across the country.