Second Big Gator Found In Onslow County

Two big alligators caught in Onslow County in one week have some wondering what's going on.

Last Tuesday a 10 foot alligator made its way into a neighborhood in the Haw's Run area. Sighting number two happened last Thursday aboard Camp Lejeune as an 11 foot alligator set up shop in a 300 foot wastewater treatment tank before being captured Sunday night.

Gary Evans, zookeeper at the Lynnwood Park Zoo in Jacksonville, says Onslow County is actually thriving with gators and they are out in full force right now, because its prime time for mating. One thing Evans says we have to remember though if we come across them, "Don't start feeding them because it causes the animal at some point, to become a dangerous animal, and never be relocated."

Alligators are mainly found in Gulf and South Atlantic coastal states. They have recently been found in Tennessee. The largest alligator ever recorded measured 19 feet 2 inches. It was found in Louisiana.