Five Members Of North Carolina Family Killed In I-95 Accident

A tragic accident leaves five members of a North Carolina family dead.

Police say they were killed after the sport-utility vehicle in which they were riding lost control on northbound Interstate 95 in Prince George, Virginia. Some victims --weren't-- wearing safety belts.

Officials say the wreck on Saturday killed 22-year-old Barbara Z. Zayas of Charlotte, North Carolina, who apparently lost control before her Ford Explorer flipped several times.

Also killed in the accident were Coralyz Nicole Zayas Nazario, who was one-and-a-half and from Charlotte, 57-year-old Candelaria Miranda Carreras, and 29-year-old Dalilah Ramos, both of Raleigh,
North Carolina.

The fifth occupant of the vehicle, 6-year-old Valeria Ramos Rodriguez, of Raleigh, died later Saturday at a hospital.

Police say the five were related but --didn't-- provide details.

Police Sergeant Thomas A. Cunningham Junior says alcohol --didn't-- appear to be a factor.