Cancer Stricken, Elizabeth Edwards, Write Letters For Her Children

Elizabeth Edwards says she's writing a letter to her children so they'll have her guidance after she is no longer with them.

Edwards is the wife of Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, a former North Carolina senator.

She announced in March that her breast cancer had returned in an incurable form. Elizabeth Edwards says she came up with the idea for the letter 20 years ago after watching the movie "Terms of Endearment," where the mother knew she was dying and wrote to her children. She says her letter "just tells them the things I hope that they'll know about growing up."

Her advice includes such things as what type of people they should marry and the kind of church they should attend.

The Edwards have three children -- Cate, who's 25, 9-year-old Emma Claire, and 7-year-old Jack.

Elizabeth Edwards has been receiving treatments while her husband continues to campaign. She says she's "doing great" and feeling strong.