Local Man Among Spammers Victims

Federal prosecutors in Seattle, Washington have arrested Robert Soloway, a man they say is the world's top e-mail spammer. Now, one local man says he's one of his victims.

Kip Sloan of Greenville uses his e--mail constantly for his business that deals with computers. He's realized for years his email address had been stolen and used to send millions and millions of junk mail. He reported this to the Federal Trade Commission and also made phone calls to Seattle to stop this person from using his e-mail address for spam. Sloan says, " It hasn't cost me any money, it has cost me some headaches. My perspective is I want people like this by the law of this land, properly shut down, put out of business."

Stealing e-mail addresses can be considered identity theft, which is a felony. If you receive excessive amounts of spam mail, or if you suspect your e-mail address has been used to send spam, click on the following link for more on how to fight back: