Snakehead Fish Reported Again In North Carolina

The state Wildlife Commission says a fish that can survive out of water and eats nearly anything has been seen in Lake Wylie.

State biologists are asking anglers to watch for another and try to save it for examination.

A fisherman caught a 31-inch, 13-pound northern snakehead near Belmont on May 13th. Two snakeheads were reported in Lake Wylie in

The fisherman this month thought the catch was a bowfin, took a photo of it and released it. Biologists identified it with the picture and say if another is caught, it should be frozen until a wildlife agent can examine it.

Biologists say snakeheads can eat most fish and spread disease.

The commission says most snakeheads are released in U-S waters by aquarium owners. It is illegal in North Carolina to have or sell the fish.