Funding N.C. Needs

Business and local government leaders are calling on legislators to find new money to repair aging roads, build schools and protect land and water as North Carolina's population grows.

The Partnership for North Carolina's Future made no specific
demands for bond funding or taxation. It simply urged state
lawmakers to "take bold actions" this year and consider any means
necessary to pay for infrastructure improvement.

There's also no plan from the partnership for paying for tens of
billions of dollars in school and road construction, land
preservation and substandard housing. But members say all options
should be discussed, including bonds, a higher tax on car sales and
a local-option land transfer tax.

Partnership members say North Carolina's population is projected
to reach 12 million people by 2030, a 50 percent increase
compared to 2000 census figures. The number of new residents would
be roughly equal to the population of South Carolina.