75th Anniversary For Coastal Restaurant

The Sanitary Fish Market along the Morehead City waterfront is celebrating 75-years in business.

It was on February 10th, 1938 The Sanitary Fish Market opened. A few months later 12 stools were set up at a counter in the market along with a two burner kerosene stove, creating the Sanitary Restaurant.

So just where did the restaurant get it's name? This is what the restaurant's website says: "On February 10, 1938, two partners, Tony Seamon and Ted Garner, opened a fresh seafood market on the Morehead City waterfront. A small building had been rented from Charles S. Wallace for $5.50 per week with the understanding that no beer or wine would be sold and that the premises be kept clean and neat. The name "Sanitary Fish Market" was chosen by the partners to project their compliance."

The coastal landmark now seats 600.