Provide Alcohol To A Minor And Lose Your License

North Carolinians who provide alcohol to people who are too young to drink legally could face a new penalty under a measure that won the initial approval of the House Thursday afternoon.

It's already a crime under state law for adults to serve or give alcohol to underage drinkers. The measure considered Thursday would add a penalty for the misdemeanor, by taking away the drivers' license of the adult who provides the booze.

But some House members balked at the notion that a parent could lose driving privileges for sharing a beer with a son who's about to join the military, or toasting a young daughter's wedding with champagne.

Wake County Democrat Ty Harrell sponsored the bill. He says it's aimed at discouraging young adults who buy alcohol for their underage friends by taking away one of their most cherished rights. The House agreed, voting 105-to-seven in favor of the measure.

A final vote comes next week.