Evidence Probed In 1985 Triple Murder

D-N-A the military used to charge a retired soldier in three murders he was acquitted of committing in the 1980s is at the center of his latest hearing.

The Army recalled Master Sergeant Timothy Hennis to active duty last year in order to charge him with the 1985 stabbing deaths of an Air Force captain's wife and two of their daughters.

Defense attorneys at Fort Bragg questioned the state's chief medical examiner yesterday about how he handled the D-N-A evidence recently used to charge Hennis.

Hennis was convicted and sentenced to die by a civilian court.

The state Supreme Court ordered a new trial and he was acquitted in
Thirty-one-year-old Kathryn Eastburn and her five-year-old daughter Kara Sue and three-year-old daughter Erin Nicole were dead near Fort Bragg.