Some Online Home Businesses Under Fire

North Carolina has halted the operations of
two companies that help set up online home businesses.
StoresOnline and iMergent are both based in Orem, Utah, and
they've agreed to stop doing business in the state until the case
is resolved in court. The companies also agreed to issue full
refunds to North Carolinians who file complaints with Attorney
General Roy Cooper's office.
A complaint filed by Cooper says iMergent and StoresOnline
misrepresented their Internet products and services, which included
claims they would help customers sell products online that could
generate thousands of dollars.
Cooper says the companies marketed their products as an easy way
to make money, when consumers actually paid a lot of money up front
and got little in return.
A statement from Cooper's office says since 2004, more than 400
complaints have been filed with the Better Business Bureau against
the companies.
The companies deny the allegations.